The impact of hearing loss

Having our hearing is a gift that we often take for granted but around 11 million people in the UK – one in six of the population – experience some level of hearing loss. Hearing healthcare professionals usually describe hearing loss by degrees. The degree of hearing loss is defined in ranges of mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe and profound.

Recent studies have shown that untreated hearing loss affects our social and emotional wellbeing, our relationships with friends and family and our overall quality of life as day to day communication becomes a chore. For individuals still in the workplace, hearing loss can have a negative impact on income potential as well. When we can’t hear, our confidence levels drop and we can feel isolated and lonely. Recent research also suggests that hearing loss can cause cognitive impairment and dementia.

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1. Conversations are shorter
2. Less use of the telephone
3. Others need to repeat themselves
4. Going along with conversations


1. Avoiding groups and strangers
2. Becoming silent and withdrawn
3. Performing less effectively at work


1. Embarrassment
2. Anger, frustration
3. Anxiety
4. Depression

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