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Oticon Agil

Oticon AgilThe Oticon Agil hearing aid incorporates many of the same features as the Agil Pro. With an extended bandwidth the Agil allows more sounds to be processed giving a much better perception whilst listening to music.

The Binaural Co-ordination allows both hearing aids to be operated by one program switch and with the Spatial Noise Manager allowing a greater level of understanding of speech in noise.

With 10 fitting bands, the Agil hearing aid allows a greater level of manipulation of sound when programming.

Oticon Agil Pro

Oticon AgilThe Oticon Agil Pro hearing aids work with each other by Binaural Synchronising, processing sounds to give one of the most natural forms of localisation.

The Agil Pro has Oticon’s new Spatial Sound 2 chip incorporated, allowing more important sounds from all directions to be processed and giving better localisation. 
With 10 programmable channels, bluetooth and an extended bandwidth, the Agil Pro makes listening to music far better and with Oticon’s own dynamic feedback cancellation 2 reduces feedback without compromising on power.

Oticon Acto

Oticon ActoThe Oticon Acto hearing aids work by processing sounds through 6 bands and with the Binaural Co-ordination allowing both hearing aids to be adjusted with one programme button.

Incorporated in the Acto hearing aid, the Decision Maker, allows the sounds to be cleaned and process when moving from one environment to another, the Acto hearing aid also offers wireless connectivity for use with blue tooth compatible devices.

The Acto hearing aids are available in all styles including a power option. The cost of the power aid may be slightly higher.

Oticon Acto Pro

Oticon Acto ProOne of the latest range in Oticon’s Portfolio, the OticonActo Pro hearing aid boasts the new Rise 2 chip. With wireless connectivity allowing better clarity with devices such as phones, television, mp3 players and laptops.

The bandwidth ensures all speech sounds are heard for maximum intelligibility of speech. With 8 bands, the Acto Pro hearing aid also incorporates both  Binaural Decision Making maximising the speech signal in noisier situations and the Tristate noise Management system for a greater level of comfort by preserving as much of the speech signals as possible.

The Acto range is available in all styles including a power option. The cost of the power hearing aid will be slightly higher.

Oticon Chili SP5

Oticon CHILI SP5This being the entry level of the Chili Power hearing aids, the Chili SP5 has 6 fitting bands and also Oticon’s latest Binaural Feedback Manager.

The Chili SP5 offers the wireless connectivity facility for bluetooth compatible devices.

Oticon Chili SP7

Oticon CHILI SP7Part of the Chili Power Range, the Oticon Chili SP7 is powered by Oticon’s latest Rise 2 Chip. Working through 8 fitting bands, the Chili SP7 also incorporates Oticon’s Speech Guard which helps less distortion that can be present in power hearing aids.

The Chili SP7 offers wireless connectivity with bluetooth compatible devices.

Oticon Chili SP9

Oticon CHILI SP9One of the latest hearing aids in the Oticon portfolio, the Chili Range is a discreet power hearing aid and available in 3 levels.

The Chili SP9 has 9 fitting bandsand offers Oticon’s Spacial Management System, allowing a superior localisation of sound. The Chili SP9 also offer a music programme and Binuaral Synchronisation for clearer speech.

The Chili range offers wireless connectivity for bluetooth compatible devices.

Oticon DUAL XW

Oticon CHILI SP5The Oticon Dual Range (apart from the Dual Mini Series) offer wireless connectivity for bluetooth compatible devices.

The Dual XW works with the Rise Platform and has an extended Bandwidth, ideal for music lovers. With 10 fitting channels for maximum programming control, the Dual XW features include Binaural Synchronisation and Binaural Co-ordination.

Oticon Ino

Oticon InoThe Oticon Ino hearing aids are the latest introduction to the Oticon range of products which is based on their latest Rise 2 processing chip. As the latest chip is twice the speed of the old Rise chip, a faster level of processing provides a clearer understanding of speech, especially in background noise.

The Ino is available in all styles of hearing aid including receiver in the ear (RITC) and also a power option.

Oticon Ino Pro

Oticon Ino ProThe premium product available within Oticon’s portfolio of hearing aids, the Agil Pro was launched last year and was based on Oticon’s newest processing chip, the Rise 2 Platform. As one of the newest of chips developed within the hearing aid market, the rise 2 chip has twice the processing speed compared with Oticon’s old rise chip.

The Ino Pro hearing aids are the latest addition to Oticon’s rise 2 range of hearing aids, coming in just below the recently launched  Acto Pro, a mid range product that was recently launched.

The Ino Pro allows binaural Co-ordination between the two hearing aids, allowing a much greater degree of noise reduction thus promoting better hearing in noise. Hearing aids have until now always worked independently by using two microphones in each hearing aid to deal with background noise, but the Pro range of hearing aids have four microphones all working together.

The Ino range of hearing aids is available in all styles, including receiver in the ear (RITC).

Bluetooth functionality is offered in most of the styles, allowing devices such as televisions, mobile phones and mp3 players to stream sounds direct to the hearing aids via the Oticon connect line streamer.

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