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Coselgi - Oldest & Largest Italian Manufacturer of Hearing Aids.

Founded in 1961 by Vittorio Giannetti, Coselgi has matured significant experience in all the fields of hearing aid manufacturing: starting with the first eyeglass bone conduction eyeglasses and In-the-Canal, to a complete range of Behind-the Ear hearing aids.

Providing a quality solution to discreetly correct hearing loss deficit, has always been the company's aim.

To guarantee product quality and originality, the Company is equipped with its own means for research, design and production, directly taking care of all the working phases.

Hundreds of clients from 40 countries all over the world rely on Coselgi, searching for products distinguished for the attention paid to every detail, service quality and originality of technical solutions.

Based on our belief that the 4 corner stones of speech in quiet, speech in noise, comfort and convenience should be experienced by all users. Coselgi is proud to introduce our new collection of hearing instruments. That include practical features specifically designed to meet the challenging listening environments of everyday life. Providing the user the confidence to face real world issues head on.

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